6th Grade

Welcome to 6th grade beginning band at Riley Street Middle School! We are very excited to work hard, have fun, and make music together!


In our class, we agree to SOAR by:

  1. Treating people, materials, and equipment with respect.

  2. Only playing instruments when directed to.

  3. Refraining from talking when the director is on the podium or teaching.

  1. Having your instrument and all materials (music, book, pencil, etc.) ready at the start of class.

  2. Staying seated and active in rehearsal unless completely necessary.

  3. Keeping our storage areas neat and clean.

  4. Keeping our room neat and clean. FOOD, DRINK, AND GUM are NOT allowed. Water is ok.

  5. Ensuring your instrument is in good playing condition before class begins, and that you have the necessary supplies (reeds, valve oil, etc.) to participate every day.

  6. Giving your best effort each day.

If for some reason a student cannot play their instrument on any given day (dental work, medical, etc.) parents are asked to communicate to a director prior to class.