Concessions has consistently been a very profitable fundraiser for the Boosters and benefits all band programs.  

The Hudsonville Athletic Boosters & Band Boosters work together to make concessions a success.

The Band Boosters are responsible for concessions at the Freshman & JV Football games . The Athletic Boosters handles Friday night games so we can support the band at the half-time show.   At the end of the year the profits are then split between the two booster groups.  When you make a purchase Friday night from the concessions you are supporting Hudsonville athletics AND the band program!

Concessions is are a fun & fast paced way to help out!  You can pick the job you'd like to have:  work the window to take orders/payment, preparing the orders, restocking items, making popcorn or maybe a little of everything... It's all fun!

All Events are held at the Baldwin Athletic Campus at the corner of 36th and Baldwin.

2023 Dates

Wednesday, August 30

Thursday, September 14

Thursday, September 21

Thursday, October 12

Thursday, October 19


*spring track meets*


To volunteer click here: Eagle Stadium Concessions