Concessions has consistently been a very profitable fund-raiser for the Boosters. There are several fun jobs to do while you are there. Usually, you can just show up at your scheduled time and let the person in charge know what you will feel most comfortable doing, whether it's taking customer orders and money, preparing the orders, stocking, cleaning, etc... It's all fun!

Events are held at the Baldwin Athletic Campus at the corner of 36th and Baldwin.

Listed below are the dates that we still need volunteers for! If you are free that night, please consider volunteering your time! It would be GREATLY appreciated! To sign up, please sign in under Charms. If you are unsure of what Charms is, please visit here.


Description: Assist with selling food/drink concessions during the JV Football Games.

If you have any questions regarding concessions, please email Craig Foupht.