VanAndel Arena Concessions

Volunteer for events at Van Andel & receive money in your band account! 

 Hudsonville Band Boosters wants to make you aware of a fundraiser you could participate in to earn money for your student’s band account.  This fundraiser is the Van Andel Arena Concessions.  The money you earn from volunteering to work concessions at Van Andel Arena goes directly into your student’s band account.  These funds can be used to pay for marching band fees, winter band programs, the band Disney trip, other band trips, and any other band or music related expenses (such as music lessons and instrument rental/purchase).  If your student is planning on or would like to go on the Hudsonville Band Disney Trip coming up in December 2024, this is a great way to earn money toward that trip.  The Van Andel events our group works at range from shows to concerts to hockey games.

How does it work?

Our group signs up for a concession stand(s) for an event, essentially committing enough volunteers to run it.  Then an e-mail is sent out with a link to our group’s sign up page where you will find event dates and times for each event our group is scheduled to work.  Most event shifts are around 5 hours, but do vary depending on the event.  Our group earns money from tips and a percentage of food and beverage sales.  The amount earned from an event is divided equally by the number of workers in the stand for that event.  One hundred percent of your portion is deposited directly into your student’s band account.  The Band Boosters do NOT take a cut.

How much will you earn?

Typically, a person will earn between $100 - $400 from an event.  There have been some instances where we have made over $400 per person.  The average amount earned per person per event is between $150 - $250.

Why participate?

First of all, 100% of the funds you earn go directly to your student’s band account to be used for band program fees, band related trips, and band or music related expenses.  Secondly, you will meet and get to know other band parents.  Also, it is rewarding to be involved in the activities your child enjoys.  Finally, it is FUN, TOO!!

What’s the next step?

Please contact Craig Foupht with any questions or to sign up (e-mail:, text or call: (616)881-3252).  You will need to complete an online ServSafe course.  This can be done at your leisure sometime before the first event you work.  We have spots available for June, July, and August events.

Craig Foupht

Hudsonville Band Boosters