Scrip / RaiseRight

If you belong to Hudsonville Bands, you will hear the band directors, band booster members and other band families talk about Scrip.  If you're here, that means you are wondering, what is Scrip?

Scrip is a nationally recognized gift card/certificate program for all our band members (6th-12th), where you can purchase gift cards featuring local & national retailers at face value and a percentage (average 6%) will go directly into your child's band account to be used for current or future band expenses. (marching band, winter drumline, winterguard, nationals trip, 8th grade Cedar Point trip, band shoes, instrument payments, reeds, oils, grease, Disney.. etc)   

Family members, friends, and neighbors are also encouraged to participate as the money they earn would also go to your child's band account!

The quickest and easiest way to sign up for Scrip is to visit  Just click on Register, then Join a Scrip program and use our enrollment code of F2D76D554153.   

It is HIGHLY recommended when signing up, you also sign up for PrestoPay as that way you will be able to purchase ScripNow cards which you can either print off at home, or show them on your phone with the retailer!  There is a .29 per order fee, BUT the fee is well worth it as then you can order a scrip card if you're at a store or Restaurant that has ScripNow!  To learn more about PrestoPay, just click on the file at the bottom of our page.

Please note:  When you do place an order online for the physical gift cards, it will not be processed until Monday evening.  Once the cards come in, Rachael will email you letting you know you can pick them up at the Avon Store. (They usually arrive Friday)  Between you & me, we are blessed to have Rachael be our Scrip Coordinator as some bands you can only pick your cards up at the school 1 day a week during a certain time frame.

To learn more about how Scrip works, please watch the video below.  The only difference between the video and us is the whole 4% they show in the video would all go to your students' account!  It's such an easy way for your child to earn money to go towards any band expenses they may have.

To learn even more information and hints regarding Scrip please click on the file below.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to email Rachael at and she will be happy to help you.

The Avon Store address and hours for pick up are:

5227 Cherry Ave, Hudsonville.  (Next door to the B2 Outlet, downtown Hudsonville)

Mon-Fri: 11-5:30

Sat:  11-3 

App for RaiseRight!

Scrip now has an app you can put on your smart phone to make it easier when you're out shopping and need to buy a scrip card.  It's called RaiseRight!   To learn more about RaiseRight, just click here!