Volunteers Make a Difference

Hudsonville Bands wouldn't be where they are today, without the hundreds of volunteers we have had throughout the years.

Our volunteers time & skills have been greatly appreciated! Please review this page, consider your available time and let us know where you would like to help.


Do you have a speciality class license? Hudsonville Bands has several teams that require semi/box trucks or towing vehicles through the year.


Coordinate a fundraiser or simply assist one of our fundraising chairs. We are always looking for people to help our with our fundraising.


With over 500 students in the Hudsonville Band program, communications is very important. If any of the positions sound like something you would like to do, just let us know!

- Media & Publicity
- Video & Audio
- Website
- Facebook
- Newsletters
- Photography
- Fliers

Hudsonville Fair

The Hudsonville Fair is Hudsonville Bands biggest fundraiser and the place we need the most volunteers as we will need over 100 volunteers to make the week run smooth.

Marching Band

Marching Band is our busy season. If you have a student in marching band, we highly recommend you volunteer at least once during the season as many hands make light work. You can find out more about these volunteer positions on our Marching Band Page.

Corporate Sponsorship
Grant Writing

Are you an experienced grant writer? Or are you one that wouldn’t mind going to businesses to see if they would like to help sponsor Hudsonville Bands? The Corporate Sponsorship Committee connects with local businesses to support the band program. We have great sponsor benefits and ways to promote businesses to the band community. Most of this work can be accomplished on your own schedule. Help us help the kids


Concessions for JV Football games and HS Track meets have consistently been a very profitable fund-raiser for the Boosters. There are several fun jobs to do while you are there. Usually, you can just show up at your scheduled time and let the person in charge know what you will feel most comfortable doing, whether it's taking customer orders and money, preparing the orders, stocking, cleaning, etc... It's all fun!

Special Talents

Are you an artist? Carpenter? Photography? Welder? Accountant? Web Designer?

Do you work at a company that can donate specialty products or services? Hudsonville Bands would be grateful to benefit from your talent or skill.

A few of our unsung heroes from years past