Direct Your Dollars

Hudsonville Bands has the opportunity to earn $1,000 from SpartanNash, simply by shopping at any Family Fare Supermarkets and D&W Fresh Markets. Through the Direct Your Dollars program, we can turn eligible receipts into cash for our organization!

It’s easy to help us “Direct Your Dollars.” Every time you shop at any Family Fare Supermarket or D&W Fresh Market, save your receipts. We will be collecting them in our Direct Your Dollars box located in each of the band rooms.

For every $150,000 in receipts we collect, we will earn a $1,000 donation from SpartanNash! With your support, and your receipts, we will be raising money to help support our bands.

We do need the whole original receipt to earn the $1,000 donation. Please, no partial receipts or photocopies. You may black out the portion of the receipt that contains your name and last four digits of your credit card number for privacy reasons if you wish to.

Thanks to the Direct Your Dollars program, we can raise money for Hudsonville Bands as we shop for our groceries each week. Start saving those receipts! We’ll continue collecting them throughout the school year.

Just a little bonus, if you are participating in Scrip, you might consider ordering a Family Fare card as 2% will go back into your child's band account! Talk about a win-win! 2% can go to your child band account and the receipt can help raise money for Hudsonville Bands!

If you are unsure what Scrip is, please click here and you will learn how you can earn money for YOUR child to be used towards any band expense! (marching band, winter drumline, winter guard, nationals trip, band shoes, instrument payments, reeds, oils, grease, Disney.. etc)

May 9th, Mr. Jacobs & Mr. Sheckler received our $1,000 check from SpartanNash thanks to their Direct Your Dollars program!!

Thank you to those who saved and turned in your receipts this past year! We couldn't have done it without you.

Please continue saving and turning in your receipts (each band room has their own direct your dollars box) as we are now working towards our second $1,000!

Our 1st Check from SpartanNash

May 9, 2018

The 2019 Marching Band accepting our 2nd check from SpartanNash on July 12, 2019.

Hudsonville Bands did earn a 3rd check in the fall of 2020, but due to Covid it was mailed to the band boosters.