6th Grade

Welcome to the Riley Street 6th grade band page!

6th Grade Band has hit the ground running and will be taking their instruments home the week of September 5th. Here are three very important things that every 6th Grade Band Parent should know:

  1. Always be encouraging to your child as they learn the basics of playing when they practice at home. Find the small things that they are improving, such as: “hey, your sound is definitely getting better”, or “I hear improvement, I could recognize that song.”

  2. Good practice habits at home is the key to success! Help your child set up a routine of practicing at the same place and approximately the same time every day. Try to remove any distractions in the area such as TV, radio, siblings, pets, etc. Help your child understand that it is about establishing a routine that they should follow on a regular basis. Tiny daily improvements are the goal that adds up to growth over time.

  3. Help your child realize that it is a long process that has some speed bumps along the way. If your child seems discouraged over several days, please let us know so we can help them. Before long they will be able to look back and see the improvement they have made on their instrument.

Attached is the 2017-18 6th Grade Band Guidelines. Please turn in the slip on the last page by September 8th.