Marching Band

The marching band is a competitive ensemble that meets as a class, 5th hour, first trimester. The marching band rehearses in the summer (see the schedule below) and 2 days a week in the fall. On Saturdays, the marching band competes around the state of Michigan. The band also performs at fall concerts and at home football games.

Marching band season is a busy time of year. We decided to start a dedicated Facebook group for our Marching Band families where we can have our own place to post pictures/videos, ask questions, share information and just connect as a group. If your band student is or is going to be a part of Hudsonville Marching Band, or a part of Hudsonville Bands and would like to learn more about marching band, please join our group

Hudsonville Marching Band Facebook Group

Parental support and participation is VITAL to our marching bands success! Please support our efforts to provide the best possible educational opportunities and experiences by reviewing this page, consider your available time and let us know where you would most like to help! It would be great if we could have each family have at least one person volunteers for one of the following as many hands make light work.

Volunteer Opportunities

Uniform Committee ~ Stephanie Smith is our Uniform Lead. The volunteers for uniforms perform the measuring and initial uniform fitting during band camp and also support Stephanie with uniform check-out and check-in during football and competition season and the washing of the uniforms after every 4th use.

Prop Committee ~ Jason McBride is our Prop lead and if you like building things, then this is a spot for you!

Pit Crew ~ These volunteers help members of the band, pit and drum line get equipment, speakers and drum major podiums to the field for the halftime shows at football games and competitions. We have a set amount of time to get everything on the field, do our show and get back off the field.

Chaperones for Football Games & Competitions ~ Experience marching band from the field level. Help keep the kids safe, supplied, and happy at football games and competitions. It’s so much fun and a great way to get to know the kids.

  • Football Chaperones ~ Chaperones are responsible for the general safety of our students to and from the stadium as well as at the game. Chaperones arrive at the school, oversee attendance performed by our drum majors, manage student behavior during travel, help during games (Take students to the bathroom, help the pit crew push things on the field, hand out waters), and cleanup upon return. The best thing about being a football game chaperone, you not only get in into the games for free and get the best seats in the house, but you also get to hang with some awesome students on a Friday night!

  • Competition Chaperones ~ These chaperones will ride with the students to the competitions, make sure the students are where they need to be at the correct times and will be part of the pit crew so you get to be down on the sidelines for competitions!

Meals ~ Susan Ghylsels & Sara Zielinski lead this big job, but they need help feeding all 100 band students and staff. They feed the students and staff supper during band camp and will also give the students a snack (or meal) before or after their competitions.

Social/Banquet Committee ~ Responsible for coordinating the Marching Band Halloween party, Marching Band Banquet and end of year spring banquet. There is always the need for additional help come time to decorate!

Game Night at Band Camp ~ Two nights after practice the kids get time to unwind and play games. We are looking for someone to lead the games and some parents to help with them.

Possible Committees

There are some committees other bands have that we don’t. If someone is interested in doing one of these, just let us know.

Corporate Sponsorship/Grant writing Committee ~ When pulling into competitions, you will see that most bands have sponsors which helps bring the cost of marching band down for their students. There is money out there, but the competition for it is great. Are you an experienced grant writer? Or are you one that wouldn’t mind going to businesses to see if they would like to help sponsor Hudsonville Bands? The Corporate Sponsorship Committee connects with local businesses to support the band program. We have great sponsor benefits and ways to promote businesses to the band community. Most of this work can be accomplished on your own schedule. Help us help the kids

Pictures ~ Take still photos or video of the band at various performances and rehearsals to share with other band families. (PLEASE NOTE: Videos can NOT be shared on any social media that is open to the public)

Car Wash ~ This is an all hands on deck event and we will need help from several parents and all students to make this a big success. Roles are VERY EASY and Car Wash Co-Chairs will provide guidance in advance and on site. The car wash is a fun and easy way for the marching band to raise money and build spirit. The kids do all the work, but we always need a handful of parents to take a two-hour shift and supervise, so grab a friend and sign up! Adults handle the money, help manage busy times, or man the grill if we’re serving hot dogs – but honestly the kids mostly know what to do.