Board Positions and Descriptions

Below are descriptions of the duties for the various Boosters Board positions as well as Committee Chair and Coordinator positions.

President: Ian Orndorff

Vice President: Mike Meengs

Treasurer: Cheryl Havens

Assistant Treasurer: Krista Lawrence and Zack Rice

Secretary: Annette McBride
Annette is responsible for making up the agenda and taking notes at the Band Booster meetings

Assistant Secretary: Kristen Neuman
is responsible for updating the website, Facebook page, the weekly band newsletter

Hospitality: Susan Ghysels & Sara Zielinski

Uniform Chair: Stephanie Smith

Scrip Coordinator: Rachael Kruys In charge of ordering and distributing Scrip cards.

Sports Concessions: Craig Foupht Responsible for organizing and getting volunteers for concessions at the sporting events.

Hudsonville Fair Concessions: Steve Campbell and Mike Meengs Responsible for organizing and getting volunteers for the Hudsonville Band Booth at the Hudsonville Fair.

Key Card Fundraiser: Mike Meengs

Direct Your Dollars Fundraiser:

Sub Sale Fundraiser: Annette McBride