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Pie Sales Update

posted Mar 26, 2017, 3:09 PM by Web Master   [ updated Mar 26, 2017, 3:47 PM ]

Every year the Hudsonville Bands do their annual Pie Sale and is always a big hit.  This year we ended up teaming up with the Hudsonville Choirs to have one big pie sale!   Reason being, the more pies Hudsonville sold as a group, the bigger the profits per pie it would be!   We are happy to say, it ended up being a great experience teaming up with the choir!   

Thank you to all the Band and Choir families who sold pies, and volunteered their time setting up, making pies and cleaning up afterwards!   We couldn't do it without you!

Since we teamed up with the Choir, we decided to make a little fun by having a competition to see which group could sell more pies on average. 


It was a close competition and once all the dust settled and all the numbers were in.

We are please to annouce the winner of the 2017 Pie Selling Contest!

The winner is.........drum roll........ The Hudsonville CHOIR!   

Hudsonville Choirs ended up selling an average of 1.5 pies per choir student  (300 pies sold with 200 students)
Hudsonville Bands ended up selling an average of 1.1 pies per band student  (553 pies sold with 500 students)

Together as a team we ended up selling 853 pies!!   Way to go EAGLES!!

The choir may have won this year, but beware... we will "band" together to win those bragging rights back!

To learn more about the financial details, please plan on attending the Band Booster Meeting Monday night (March 27) at 7pm in the Media room at the Freshman Campus.

Until then... Congratulations Hudsonville Choir for winning the Pie Selling Contest of 2017 and Congratulations Band for selling 553 pies!!