Scrip is a program where you can purchase gift cards at face value and a percentage (average 6%) will go directly into your child's band account to be used for current or future band expenses. (marching band, winter drumline, winterguard, nationals trip, band shoes, instrument payments, reeds, oils, grease, Disney.. etc) 

This is the only fund-raiser that directly benefits your child.  Family members, friends, and neighbors are also encouraged to participate and the money they earn will also go to your child or children.

The quickest and easiest way to sign up for Scrip is to simply email the scrip coordinator Rachael Kruys at   You'll receive an email back with instructions to get you rolling.

If you'd rather, you can sign yourself up at and use our enrollment code of F2D76D554153

When signing up, it is also recommended that you also sign up to pay for your orders via Presto Pay.  That way you don't have to drop off a check before your order gets placed and you will also be able to order ScripNow from the comfort of your home or store and be able to get your scrip right away instead of having to first drop a check off for it.   You can learn more about Presto Pay in the file below.

Please watch the video below to see how scrip works.  The only difference is the whole 4% they show in the video would all go to your students account!  It's such an easy way for your child to earn money to go towards any band expenses they may have.  You also can start with Scrip as early as 6th grade and every year it will roll into the next year!

To learn even more information, please click on the file below.

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