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KeyCard Deals

The Hudsonville Band students (high school and middle school) have participated in the KeyCard Sale for several years with great success in raising funds for various band activities such as the 8th Grade Cedar Point trip and the numerous Band Awards that are given each year.  The sale runs from mid September into December each year.  The KeyCard sells for $25 and comes with a large book with coupons for meals out, pizza, health/wellness/beauty care, auto services, recreation/entertainment and more.  The KeyCard provides unlimited discounts throughout the next year, too.  The bands profit $12.50 on each KeyCard and there are awesome incentives for students who participate.  

This year the rewards are as follows:
- Sell 5 or more, win a free book at the end of the sale! (This is less than last year)
Sell 10 or more, win a $15 Meijer Gift Card.

To see where the coupons are good for, please click on the following link and then click on the region you would like to see!  Just an FYI, the KeyCard Deals book is good for ALL locations!   KeyCard Deals   

To see the Unlimited deals with the KeyCard, just click here!

To print a copy of this years flyer, just click here.
If you would like a spreadsheet for you to keep at home so you can remember who you sold to, please click here

Please note:  When submitting an order form, please give the form and ONE check for the form addressed to the Hudsonville Band Boosters to your band director. They will fulfill your order immediately and your student will bring your books home!