Band Fundraisers

Fundraising is vital to the success and growth of Hudsonville Bands and because of that, we need your help! 
 To learn more about each fundraiser, just click on the fundraiser you are interested in!

Amazon Smile (NEW)

Are you a regular Amazon shopper?  Here is a way to donate to the band without taking any more funds out of your own pocket. 

This involves working at the concession stand during sporting events, such as track and football.  

Save your Family Fare / D&W Fresh Market receipts and you can help us earn $1000 for Hudsonville Bands!    

What's better than going to the Hudsonville Fair?   How about working at the Hudsonville Fair!  This our largest fundraiser and supports both Middle & High School Band Programs! 

The Fundraiser that can save you money!  The key card comes with a large book full of coupons and a card you can use unlimited times!   
For those that sell 6 books, you get a FREE book with card!   For those that sell 10 or more you not only get a FREE book with card, but also a $15 gift certificate to Meijer!

Helping the Hudsonville Band is easy as PIE!  This is an annual March FUN Fundraiser!    

This is a delicious way to earn money for Hudsonville Bands!    

While ALL the fundraisers are important as they keep our band going, Scrip is the only fund-raiser that directly benifits your child!!

Scrip is a program where you can purchase gift cards at face value and a percentage (average 6%) will go directly in to your child's Student Account to be used for current or future band expenses.  Family members, friends and neighbors are also encouraged to participate and the money they earn will also go to your child or childrens accounts!    Some families have actually paid for a whole season of Marching Band for their child by doing Scrips!

Hudsonville Bands Sub Sale is back! Featuring “Bob’s Butcher Block” delicious subs!     

We are looking forward to a great year! The Fund Raising calendar will be updated as events are scheduled. Check back often for updates.  

Want to help with fundraising?

We are always looking for ideas to help the band’s finances.  If you have any ideas or wish to assist in a fundraising activity, WE WOULD LOVE TO HAVE YOU!!   WE ARE ALWAYS IN NEED OF VOLUNTEERS!