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8th Grade

Welcome to the Riley Street 8th grade band page!  

RMS 7th Grade Band Thursday, February 27th, 

MSBOA Festival Performance 

At Jenison Center for the Arts, 8375 20th Ave, Jenison, MI 49428 which is on the corner of Bauer Road and 20th Avenue.

Do Not Forget to Bring Your Uniform to school February 27th
Hang your uniform up in the uniform storage area when you arrive in the morning. 

9:39am (end of 2nd hour) dress in uniform, ready to load bus with instrument/music. 

10:00am Board busses, Depart Riley Street Middle School 

10:30am Arrive at Jenison Center for the Arts, unload instruments

10:55am RMS 8th Grade Band Warm-up 

11:20am RMS 8th Grade Band Performance Time 

11:50am RMS 8th Grade Band Sight Reading 

12:00pm Pack up instruments, approximate time load bus and depart for RMS 

12:30pm approximate return time to RMS unload/store instruments, change out of uniform. Pizza lunch in Cafeteria (no charge) 

1:00pm Return to Class

  • Proper Uniform is Required to travel and perform, including black shoes and black socks.

  • You will be representing Riley Middle School while we are guests at the Jenison Performing Arts Center. Please be respectful to the facility and staff, say thank you, and remember that the school expectations apply throughout our performance trip.

  • Enjoy your performance!

Thank you for supporting your child in the Riley Middle School Band. 
Please let me know if you have any questions.


  • The District Ten Michigan School Band and Orchestra Association is made up of Middle and High Schools from all over Kent, Ottawa, Allegan, Barry, and Ionia Counties. Over 160 School groups will be performing at several sites throughout the area. 
  • Middle School Bands perform three pieces with one of the pieces selected from a required list. Bands are classified by school size which determines the difficulty level of the music performed. Schools may opt to perform music at a higher difficulty level. 
  • District Ten Bands perform in front of four judges who are experienced music educators. Three of the judges evaluate the music performed on stage and one judge evaluates the sight-reading preparation and performance. 
  • After the concert performance the band will move to another room where they will sight-read a music piece that they have not seen before. The band, led by the director, has a total of seven minutes to review and study the sight reading music prior to playing it. During the study time the students may sing or count but may not play their instruments in any way. After the study time the band will perform the sight-reading selection. 
  • The performance ratings and the sight-reading rating are added to create a “final rating”. The lowest rating is a “5th Division” which is an unsatisfactory performance, a “4th Division” rating is a poor performance, a “3rd Division” rating is a fair performance, a “2nd Division” rating is a good performance, with the highest rating being a “1st Division Rating” which is an excellent performance. 
  • Please note: The performance at MSBOA Band Festival is free and open to the public. 
  • We encourage all parents and friends to attend this event (you can even go into sight reading).

RMS 8th Grade Band Tuesday, February 12th, 

Pre Festival Concert 

••• Do not forget to take your music and instrument home after school ••• 

7:10pm Arrive Dressed in Uniform for WarmUp in Orchestra Room at the Hudsonville Performing Arts Center.  Students can enter Door C. Take your instruments out of the case but please do not play. You can leave your case, coat, etc in the Orchestra Room. Please do not bring valuables. 

7:20pm Seated with instrument and music. Do not play until we start our timed warmup. Percussion will go to stage to setup percussion / chairs / stands. 

7:25pm Start our timed Festival WarmUp / Tuning. (we only have 25 Minutes) 

7:50pm Perform Festival Music at Hudsonville Performing Arts Auditorium. 

8:05pm After your performance you will return to the Orchestra Room, pack up your instrument and you may leave. 

Here are three very important things that every 8th Grade Band Parent should know:

  1. Always be encouraging to your child as they practice at home. Find the small things that they are improving, such as: “hey, your sound is definitely getting better”, or “I hear improvement since last week when you were working on that song.”

  2. Good practice habits at home is the key to success! Help your child set up a routine of practicing at the same place and approximately the same time every day. Try to remove any distractions in the area such as TV, radio, siblings, pets, etc. Help your child understand that it is about establishing a routine that they should follow on a regular basis. Tiny daily improvements are the goal that adds up to growth over time.

  3. Help your child realize that it is a long process that has some speed bumps along the way. If your child seems discouraged over several days, please let us know so we can help them. Before long they will be able to look back and see the improvement they have made on their instrument.

Hudsonville Bands,
Sep 2, 2017, 2:27 PM