Marching Band

The marching band is a competitive ensemble that meets as a class, 5th hour, first trimester.  The marching band rehearses in the summer (see the schedule below) and 2 days a week in the fall.  On Saturdays, the marching band competes around the state of Michigan.  The band also performs at fall concerts and at home football games.

Congratulations to the Hudsonville Marching Band on a stellar performance season!   

The Hudsonville Marching Band had their first competition up in Grant, MI.  Unfortunately, their first competition started out a little wet as mother nature decided to end the drought we were having.  Instead of being able to show off Heart of the City, Hudsonville Marching Band ended up having to do a standstill in the gym where they just played their music.  

Thankfully mother nature decided to change her tune and gave us perfect weather for the Jenison Invitational and the band was finally able to show off their show to the marching band community!   Not only did they come in 3rd place, they also secured a spot in the State finals for the 2nd year in a row!   

Their next competition was in White Lake, MI at the Huron Valley Invitational where they competed against a lot of top rated bands from the east side of the state.  The band worked hard and once again mother nature wasn't the nicest as she gave us some cold, rainy weather but the band marched on and still had a successful show.  

The final showing of Heart of the City happened this past weekend at the State Finals where the Hudsonville Marching band competed against the top Division I bands in the State!   The band played their hearts out and left it all on the field and ended up coming in 11th place with a score of 85.80!

Mr. VanderWall, parents and community couldn't be more proud of these students for all they accomplished in such a short time.  Thank you all for your hard work, dedication and for representing our community the way you did!  


Homecoming Pictures

Looking for a present for your Marching Band student? Austin Fedewa took some amazing pictures at our homecoming game of the band during their performance. These photos offer a unique view of their marching formations.

He is offering a 16x20 unframed photograph for $40 and an 8x10 photograph for $30. If you purchase a picture, he will donate $5 for each sale back to the school.

These photos are a great way for students and parents to remember the 2017 marching band season. Photographs can be ordered at

Band Camp Pictures

2017 Marching Band Update

1 - We will be starting our exercise program at rehearsal tomorrow.  This will involve running 1 lap around the track and running some short distances on the field.  Please make sure your student has the appropriate shoes and clothes.  Water is needed as well.  This applies to members of the band, not sure about percussion and guard yet.

2 - For the second time, I am attaching the band camp paperwork.  Please click on the link below!

3 - I want to thank the band camp committee for their work on camp so far!  NOW WE NEED VOLUNTEERS :)  Please volunteer through Charms.  The information you need to sign up to volunteer in Charms appears at the very end of this post.

4 - Still looking for a semi driver or even a few of them.

5 - Still room for parents to volunteer to chaperone games and competitions.  Thank you to everyone who signed up!

More information:
Please take special note of the part on the missed rehearsal form where it says that all rehearsals after pre camp are required.  There is a reason for this, we have a football game shortly after pre camp and band camp.  It is very difficult to prepare the band for the game when students miss rehearsal.  Several families have turned in forms with missing rehearsals after pre camp.  These rehearsals will fall under our attendance policy as they are not excused.  We have to have the kids at practice after pre camp in order to be our best!

We are need of parents/friends of the band who can drive a semi and pull our trailer!  If you are able to help with this, please let Mr. VanderWall know!

By now, you should have made your final payment to the band boosters for the season.  Please make sure you have tracked your payment record and that your band account is up to date!  Please make checks to Hudsonville Band Boosters and mail them to PO Box 212, Hudsonville MI 49426.  Final payment was due at the end of May, please get your payments caught up if you are behind.

Here is our schedule for the next couple weeks:

July 17 - Rehearsal for percussion (pit and battery) - 5pm - 9pm
July 18 - Rehearsal for guard 5pm to 9pm.  Rehearsal for brass and woodwinds 5pm to 9pm. Student leader meeting at 3:30 pm.
July 19 - Rehearsal for everyone 5pm to 9pm
July 20 - Rehearsal for brass and woodwinds 5pm to 9pm.  Rehearsal for guard 5pm to 9pm.  We will have a uniform meeting from 6:30 to 7:30 in the Orchestra room.
July 21- Rehearsal for percussion (pit and battery) 5pm - 9pm.
July 24-28 - Pre band camp.  We will have a prop meeting for any interested parents on July 24 at 7pm in the band room.
July 31-August 4 - Band Camp

August 8-10 - Post band camp
August 15-16 - Rehearsal for everyone
August 22-23 - Rehearsal for everyone.

September 5 - Rehearsal from 3pm-5pm
September 7 - Rehearsal from 6pm-9pm
September 8 - Home football game 2
September 9 - Rehearsal from 9am to 5pm
September 12 - Rehearsal from 3pm to 5pm
September 14 - Rehearsal from 6pm to 9pm
September 16 - Rehearsal at 9am.  PERFORMANCE at Reeths Puffer High School at night.

Craig VanderWall

  1. Go to and put your mouse over the words LOGIN in the top right corner of the page
  2. Click on Parents/Students/Members
  3. Enter the school code:Hudsonvillebands (Make sure it is one word)
  4. Enter your child's password
  5. Click on the ROUND HOME ICON on the top left of the screen
  6. Click on the VOLUNTEER ICON near the middle of the page
  7. Use the DROP DOWN MENU to select the events you want to volunteer
BE SURE TO ENTER YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS, CELL NUMBER, OR BOTH.  This way, you will receive reminders before your event(s).  Please fill out all the information here!

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