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Welcome to the BSMS Page on!

If this is your first time viewing this page, THANK YOU! I hope to update the BSMS portion of this website periodically throughout the year. Please feel free to use this as a tool to gain information inside of your student's class.

6th Grade families should now be connected to our Charms program and all students have been trained how to submit online Practice Logs. ALL students should now be enrolling practice logs via Charms!. To provide an accommodation to those who may not have direct access to internet or devices at home, I will be allowing students to communicate with me to find an alternative time to fill-out their practice logs. Students need only to ask to take advantage of this resource, but I will not force them to do this. It is still their responsibility to submit their practice times. 

Any family having issues accessing Charms are encouraged to contact me and/or check-out the "Charms Login Info" document posted to all subpages.

7th/8th grade families are encouraged to check out their subpage for information concerning Spring Solo and Ensemble information. Registration has been completed and times will be posted soon!


Thursday, March 22nd: RMS/BMS Beginning Bands perform at the High School Band Concert

Tuesday, May 1st: Spring Concert at the Fine Arts Auditorium, 7pm start time.

Friday, May 18th: 8th Grade Band travels to Cedar Point

Our BMS Jazz Band had a BLAST performing at lunches last Friday! Stay tuned for more information concerning the continuation of Jazz Band.

If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at or call me at 616-669-7750 (ext. 17322).

Thank you and have a great day!

Mr. Jacobs

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