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Baldwin Street Middle School


Welcome to the Baldwin Street Middle School Bands page!

If this is your first time viewing this page, THANK YOU! I hope to update the BSMS portion of this website periodically throughout the year. Please feel free to use this as a tool to gain information inside of your student's class!


THANK YOU for your patience and diligence during this unprecedented time! PLEASE USE THIS PAGE AND YOUR CLASS'S PAGE AS A REFERENCE! Also, as of 3-25-2020, student materials are being filtered into Google Classroom!

Practice Requirement
ALL STUDENTS should be practicing at home. As a goal, students need to have at least 85% of their spring concert notes and rhythms learned by our eventual return to school. In order to accomplish this, each student 6th, 7th and 8th grade should aim to be playing their instrument 60 minutes per week. This will fluctuate and look different for each family, but this is the general expectation.

Due to the unique inability regarding the log system itself, we will NOT be tracking practice minutes for a grade. This means no paper logs, email logs, or CHARMS minutes need to be recorded. It is my hope that students and families will take our materials with diligence still and shoot for a great spring concert!


For each band, we are working on:

6th grade band:
- Winter Snowflakes
- Fire and Fury
- Incantation and Ritual
- Shut Up and Dance With Me

7th grade band:
- Middle School Band Warm-Ups
- Afterburn
- Music from Hercules

8th grade band:
- Middle School Band Warm Ups
- When Summer Takes Flight
- The Great Locomotive Chase

Jazz Band
- Superstition
- The Pink Panther
- Gospel

Today as well, I will be adding a few more tunes online for students of all grades to look over, as well as resources for additional playing.

Additional copies of ALL MUSIC are located on each band's GOOGLE CLASSROOM.

Save the Dates!

Although it is subject to change, please note the following performances for the remainder of the year!

- May 5th: BMS Spring Concerts! Jazz Band and 6th Grade = 6:30pm; 7th and 8th Grade Bands = 8:00pm
- May 15th: 8th Grade Cedar Point Trip
- 8th Grade Recognition: 8th Grade Band Only

Other Information... 
On each band's subpage, you will find info for starting Scrip fundraising. Parents/students can use Scrip monies to pay for band-related activities during Middle and High School such as our State Capitol performance, Cedar Point trip, Marching Band, Winter Drum Line, Winter Color Guard, and the HS Disney Trip. 

We HIGHLY suggest that if your student will be entering HS band that you start this account NOW. There are multiple families that started in middle school and have not paid a dime out-of-pocket for Marching Band Dues! Thank you Jen Alberda for putting this document together!

Please make sure to LIKE the HUDSONVILLE BANDS FaceBook Page as well for up-to-date information on our program as a whole.

If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at zjacobs@hpseagles.net or call me at 616-669-7750 (ext. 3303).

Thank you and best wishes!

Mr. Jacobs

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