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Board Positions and Descriptions

Below are descriptions of the duties for the various Boosters Board positions as well as Committee Chair and Coordinator positions.

President: Ian Orndorff President@hudsonvillebands.org

Vice President:  Mike Meengs   vicepresident@hudsonvillebands.org 

Treasurer:   Stacey Johnson   treasurer@hudsonvillebands.org

Assistant Treasurer:   Tracey Mann   treasurer@hudsonvillebands.org
    Tracey is responsible for assisting the Treasurer and also adding Scrip money to the students' band accounts and  contacting Senior families in the spring to see what they would like done with their remaining balance.

Secretary:  Annette McBride  secretary@hudsonvillebands.org
    Annette is responsible for making up the agenda and taking notes at the Band Booster meetings

Assistant Secretary:  Jennifer Alberda   jenalberda@gmail.com
Jennifer is responsible for updating the website, Facebook page, the weekly band newsletter as well as being a back up for the Secretary at the Band Booster Meetings.

Hospitality:  Susan Ghysels

Uniform Chair: Amy Clark 

Scrip Coordinator: Rachael Kruys 
avonplez@sbcglobal.net    In charge of ordering and distributing Scrip cards.

Sports Concessions:  Suzanne Gortsema & Craig Foupht   Responsible for organizing and getting volunteers for concessions at 
the sporting events.

Hudsonville Fair Concessions:  Steve Campbell   Responsible for organizing and getting volunteers for the Hudsonville Band Booth 
at the Hudsonville Fair.

Key Card Fundraiser: Mike Meengs  mmeengs@yahoo.com

Direct Your Dollars Fundraiser:  Jennifer Alberda  jenalberda@gmail.com 

Sub Sale Fundraiser:  Annette McBride &  Melissa Feenstra

Pie Sale Fundraiser:  Tracey Hartman

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Apr 27, 2016, 7:54 AM