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The Hudsonville Bands would, for one final time, like to wish Mr. Good well wishes on his retirement. In his 27 years at Hudsonville Schools, he not only taught students how to perform music on instruments but also how to perform well in life.

The impact he has made on students will be engrained in their lives for years to come, and even his perfected art of sarcasm will be missed :) There are not enough words to express how deeply he will be missed by students, parents and staff members.

From the hearts of your students and friends Mr. Good, we wish you nothing but the best!


Mr. Good directing his one last time at the High School Band Concert

Congratulations to the following Hudsonville Bands Class of 2017 on your Graduation tonight!!  We are so proud of you!

            Kaelyn Devereaux                            Zach Jaime
            Megan Good                                      Austin Race
            Marlo Scholten                                 Rachel Clark
            Jake McKenzie                                 Alex Povenz
            Austin Koetje                                    Cassie Timm
            Liz Carpenter                                    Kaleb Copeland
            Jonathon Haverkamp                     Kyle Henkelman
                                                            Cooper Holycross                            Mckenna Combs
                                                            Jodi Kruys                                         Allison Dennis
                                                            Nikki Wilterink                                Stephanie Dennis
                                                            Lynn Roberts                                    Christian Harris
                                                            Vaughn Siel                                       Devin Kolff
                                                            Parker Townsend

Direct Your Dollars Fundraiser

This is such an easy fundraiser that everyone in Hudsonville Bands can help with!  Whenever you shop at Family Fare or D&W 
Fresh Markets, you will get a receipt where on the bottom (see example below)  you will see a spot 
that says Direct Your Dollars!   All you have to do is save your receipt and turn it into the designated box in your childs bandroom!  Once we have collected $150,000 in receipts we can turn them in and SpartanNash will donate $1000 to Hudsonville Bands!

 It's that simple! There is no door to door selling, just saving receipts and turning them in.  To make things better... if you are participating in Scrip, make sure you order your Family Fare Gift Card so 2% will go into your childs band account to pay for future band expenses!   Can you say a win-win!!

If you would like, you can ask your Family, Friends, Neighbors, Co-workers.. etc to save their receipts so we can get to $150,000 that much faster!  Great thing is once we do hit that magic number, we can start the collecting all over again so we can earn that next $1000!

Just a reminder.... We do need the whole original receipt to earn the $1,000 donation.  Please no partial receipts or photocopies as they will not count. You may black out the portion of the receipt that contains your name and last four digits of your credit card number for privacy reasons if you want.



Thursday June 15, 2017  7pm

-Approval of 2017/2018 Budget and Board Member Elections

-Discussion of Band Camp


 Meetings take place in the Media Room at the Hudsonville Freshman Campus unless otherwise noted.  Meetings generally last 60 - 90 minutes. Everyone is welcome to attend but only paid members of Band Boosters can vote. Membership costs $1.00 for the year.

Map to the Hudsonville Freshman Campus